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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 5, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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tonight, a-rod could suit up as a yankee at u.s. cellular field in chicago against the white sox. should be a dandy. the dow is off. neil cavuto is on and starts right now. >> neil: well, it is not just a scandal. it is now a soap opera. no, i'm not talking about major league baseball and steroids. aim talking about our major tax collector and scandal because the irs isn't just digging up stuff on conservatives now it's reportedly sharing that stuff with other agencies. the latest on the dustup the white house says is phony. one of the targets here is saying, that's baloney. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. auld the american future fund and now a house committee wants to know if its confidential tax information was inappropriately shared between ther is and the federal election commission. if so that would be a no-no to
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put i mildly. lawmaker does manning the irs turn over a series of cycle -- controversial e-mails which seem to indicate a link. lois lerner the sender and receiver of the i'ms, e-mails involving the tax exempt status of my next guest's group. nick ryan, american's future fund. you were a very popular fellow with a couple of government agenat do you think was drawing they're attention? >> well, you know, i think the common thread, if you take the initial targeting that came out a few months ago that involved lois learner and the irs and is these tea party groups and now what has come out about the american futures fun which dates back to 2008-that again involves lois lerner. it indicates there's one rowing actor at the irs that behaved in quite possibly illegal way.
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>> neil: interagency e-mails are not unusual. we got this statement from the irs, and i quote here: miss lerner and the attorney recognized the obligation to protect taxpayer information and neither person wanted the irs to provide the fcc with anything other than publicly available information. that does not calm me. does it calm you? whether it was publicly available or not these are two agencies talking about that just the same. >> now, it's very troubling, and actually doesn't totally jibe with the facts. you have e-mails going back and forth between the federal election commission lawyers and lois lerner at the irs, discussion the american future funds tax information, and in fact discussing it before the information was even publicly available, and that pattern, again, is incredibly troubling. >> neil: does it matter to you, nick, who started correspondence first? if it were the fec first saying, hey, heads up on this group because we think there's
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something not quite cope set tech with them. that would be bad. but then i'm thinking can it would be even worse if the irs calls the fec you about to to hear about this one. either way it's scary, isn't it? >> either way it's very scary and the entire problem really does rest within the confines of the bureaucracy of the irs and it's absolutely wrong, absolutely illegal for them to share confidential tax information. neil: it's absolutely endorse bed the mainstream media. it's like the scandal that wasn't a scandal. it's like gone air. what do you think of that? >> well, if you listen to the white house, they say it's a phony scandal, and i like to tell people that ask me about that, i don't think anybody targeted by the irs feels that is a phony scandal or that's a phony situation. it's something you have to take very seriously and this is a very serious situation. >> neil: especially when, whether publicly available information or not, it's interagency talking to one
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another. then it gets to be a little bit more than curious, doesn't it? >> it almost looks like there's collusion between the federal election commission and the and the irs in this instance, and makes you wonder about other agenciness the government and how they operate with the irs. this is obviously a political matter but obviously the irs deals with more than nonprofitss and political committees. they deal with businesses and those situations would be equally as troubling. >> neil: nick, thank you very much. the irs is contacting anyone at the federal election commission on anything that has to do with election issues concerning something related to the irs. it is unprecedented. it is weird. it is scary. it is not phony. meanwhile, the foreign consulates and embassies aren't the only thing shut down, so, too, complaints about the surveillance snooping. have you noticed?
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lately just the opposite. >> the nsa program is proving itself work yet again. >> the good news is we picked up intelligence and that's what whether do. that's what nsa does. its sole purpose is to get intelligence to protect americans from attack. >> with we did not have this programs we wouldn't be able to listen in on the bad guys. >> neil: this is just -- using a terror threat to run roughshod over common sense and our constitution. and by the way, patrick to your point, as if we know these programs were responsible for any of the information we have. >> no, no. the taking -- i need to come back to what you just said about the american future fund. anything something i talk about yesterday. bob bauer, the obama campaign lawyer, is the one who instituted this at the fecfec staff went to lois learner, lois
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lane lerner. he ended up as the irs chief counsel. on the stuff on the nsa -- this is part of the same attack on american democracy, we have people getting up here with these canards saying, look at our program, we got all this information. it had nothing do do with the 300 millions americans whose records they're taking. the nsa is supposed to be listening in yemen to people talking to each other and the chatter. but you may believe, and i suppose we should give the government the benefit of the doubt, but remember what they're also trying to knock off the air. the fact that the dea is sharing the information and using it with informant and trying to cover that up. the fact that mr. brennan who left the white house and went over to the cia and is conducting, we found out this week, nondisclosure agreements and also polygraphing members of this vast number of cia agents
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who are on the ground, many of whom may have been casualties but we were not told. this is the american people have figured out the government lying to them, and to have people in both parties, what i call the pro government secrecy alliance, including some members of contributors of this network, getting up and trying to say this taking all the data from american citizens had something to do with this -- >> neil: if you're saying -- by the way, when you're saying we're getting the same sort of charter we did before 9/11, before the nsa was doing this stuff, i assume either doing or using the same means we got chatter then, which is not the way we get chatter now, or you're acknowledging that whatever archaic system we used prior to 9/11 are the same system we're using now because the same strategy did not work an uncovering the boston bombings. >> ed did nothing at and all we have the excuse game, coverups are going on, interagency sharing of illegal information.
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americans have having their records taken. 75% of americans thing the nsa is taking their records and sharing them, and you know what? they're right and that's what we're finding out. >> neil: switching to that. have you ever known a press den -- you know the ground game on both parties -- the irs, using and communicating with a top election commission, sponsored by the staff, by the way -- never can recall that. >> with the way, being driven by bob bauer, who did they go to? they go to lois lerner, who shows up in this, who was the -- remember, formerly the enforcement agent at the fec, and bauer, who is one of the most political lawyers, he was the president's -- >> neil: her name is popping up on e-mails on send and receive. they're going to strike a deal to get her to testify. >> they are -- we're not even getting to the next sunday here. part of that is because never in washington have we had this assault on democracy, and have the opposition party asleep, and
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have the media give up its role of protecting the people. >> neil: and giving up its role of privacy of the people. that just within be the wayside. >> this is an attack on the american people. >> neil: all right, pat. thank you very much. >> obvious live got to take something pretty big to do something this big. shut down every american embassy in the mideast e middle -- midd. we know it involves al qaeda but what, where, when? lisa on the chatter that pat and i were talking about. sounds other a lot like the chatter behind this back then. of course, i'm talking about 9/11. chuck, is it similar and if it is, where is it coming from? >> i think we have established patterns in the intelligence community of looking for who talks to whom. and it may not be that you understand exactly what they're saying, but when two people start talking you start to connect the dots.
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and they're looking at people talking to people, and it's probably both volume and who is talking to whom. that is really the issue right now. i don't know that they're listening in on the calls and understand what is being said. they just know a lot of -- >> neil: something is up. now, lisa, we can guess until the cows come home how they're getting this through the nsa but me thinks they're comparing it to pre9/11 chatter when this technology or this surveillance didn't exist. mite might be something the same means we did thing. but speaks of an at quite that is back. >> not only are they back but they've been around this whole entire time. we're the ones waking up to the threat again. we have been told bill the this administration that the war on terror is over. osama bin laden was killed, and he was killed. but the bottom line is you can try to kill al qaeda or any other groups like this vertically but they are greg horizontally while we're sleeping, and they're -- let's
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connect the dots. they're growing on the ground, growing on the internet, on social media groups. they have a magazine, al qaeda has a magazine called "inspire" we learn about through the boston bombers, learning how to make homemade bombs. they're encouraging lone wolf attacks and the old-school group is still continuing to plan bombs and the new school or younger followers are now trying to recruit other followers -- >> neil: apparent live a lot of -- apparently a lot of them. one thing we discovered in the last few week wes had the prison breaks, hundreds of al qaeda types in and looks like locusts throughout the region and they're angry, they're jazzed, they want to do something. and -- what do you think? >> isn't it curious that some of bin laden's stated goals were to overthrow what he called the corrupt regimes in the region,
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expel the infidels from the holy lands, in other words get the western people out, and then re-establish a statement if you look at the map, the graphic you have been showing all day, of where the countries are, where we closed down the embassy, his third jihad is in motion and it started with the arab spring, not with the revolt he thought he could do with 9/11. but back to lisa's point. what she is really saying here -- and if agree with 100% -- is this is about showing how vulnerable america is around the world and especially in muslim lands, to get adhere yeps to join into the -- to join al qaeda. >> neil: when you shut down your embassies the have the edge on you. we'll keep an eye on this. why would this picture be the latest sign of trouble for the president's healthcare already. dr. ben carson, he knows, and the doctor is in.
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>> a-rod is saying no way. we're getting word alex rodriguez plans to appeal the suspension that would effectively take him off the diamond the rest of this baseball season but nebraska -- next year as well. by the time he would return under the best of circumstances he would be approaching 30 years of age and is not playing that well right now. but is going to appeal this. and apparently he has the backing of the players union. he and a dozen others have been fingered by the mlb for using performance-enhancing drugs, particularly this clinic in florida, or frequenting it, where all of this went down. rodriguez, the only one of those players fingered who is appealings. we'll keep you posted. >> new signs the healthcare law rollout may be down and out because of growing union opposition. i want you a take a look at this picture of politico. this is not a typical viewer of
1:17 pm
cnbc. shows a lone volunteer working the phones at a proobamacare event in virginia just yesterday. a lot of empty seats around hear. while it is not indicative of all of these types of events, at politico reports this is not a good start, and dr. ben carson says it's not reason to stop the whole healthcare law right now. i was just kidding about the cnbc. i used to work there love the people there but having said that, doctor, when you lose, for example, unions that were instrumental in getting this over the finish line, and now they're worried about their plans being taxed because they're especially generous, you lost the final wall of port, haven't you? >> well, you know, nancy pelosi said we have to pass it so we can see what's in it. we have had three years now to see what's in it, and the level of enthusiasm has not gone up. in fact it's going down, as people are finding out what is
1:18 pm
happening. and this is not terribly surprising to me. but what has to happen is the people have to recognize that we can't just sit around and complain about it. we have to do something about it. the people are the ultimate bosses in this society. even though the government thinks it is. and what everybody out there has to do is find out who your representative is, how did they vote? and if they support evidence this, and they haven't publicly rejected that vote, and pledged to do something about it, they should pay the consequences at the ballot box. that is how you change things. that's what judge roberts was saying. he was saying, it's not really our responsibility. at it your responsibility. >> neil: through it back -- he was saying this is something congress came up with and congress must un-come up with it. i'm paraphrasing. senator ted cruz and others leading an effort to effectively defund obamacare, as it's become
1:19 pm
known. even marco rubio when he was here said he recognized it's an uphill if not impossible battle but that it is an important one. i tend to think these things waste time because you still have a democratic president, no way in heck is going sign on to that. so where do people go orthos in congress go to take the teeth out of this thing or kill this thing if that's the goal? >> what i would do is i would separate out the healthcare bill with all the other budgetary matters. i would make it stand alone. >> neil: wait a minute. you would not attach it to a potential government shutdown or would would not. >> neil: okay. >> i would separate it. that the wise thing to do. and they have the ability to legislate. to make the rules whatever they need to be in order to do that. that's where they need to be condition send traiting.
1:20 pm
-- concentrating. get their legal scholars involved. >> what about doctors in the meantime, as you told me -- you're close to the fire -- they don't know what to make of it. no who doctors can understand it or explain it so a lot of them are seeing the hell with and it leaving average americans on their own to figure out bills. how bad is it getting? >> it's extremely bad. i haven't talked to anybody who is very happy about this, quite frankly, and there's another level of documentation that has to be done. so physicians are spending enormous amounts of time documenting everything. primarily so that the overseers can determine that you're doing everything exactly according to their schedule. so that you can be rewarded or penalized based on their approval. they have basically taken a lot of independence away from hospitals, away from physicians, and have taken the joy out of
1:21 pm
it. many people i know went into medicine did so because it would give them an opportunity to bring their gifts of healing to people and now they're being overseep and told what they can do and at it miserable and people are not thussics -- enthusiastic about it. >> neil: probably an understatement. good news everyone. we just tax too little. the money there is for the taking. wait until you hear how congress proposes taking it. i want you to take your blood pressure medication now. you're going to need it. if if you don't take blood pressure medication, start it.
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>> neil: the nation's debt growing in, congress gone but our money problems are not long
1:25 pm
gone. lawmakers need to get on this because we keep piling on this, but they don't. neither side. they don't. >> no, they don't. they never do. >> neil: what's going to happen here? we talk until we're blue in the face how red we are with this stuff, and we celebrate getting deficits under atrillion dollars, as if that's a landmark achievement, and any deficit adds to the debt and we merryily march on. >> sooner or later it will stop. if they went away on vacation for three or four years and took the president with them, might like that. >> neil: normally i'm very big on a do-nothing government but this is time when even the do-nothing government has to do something. >> you're exactly right. >> neil: two to three billion dollar a day added to the debt is not going away, and that's a bigger bill for the kids, and depending on the kid, that's not a nice parting gift.
1:26 pm
>> i've got a lot of them so i'm paying a lot more than my fair share with the kids. >> neil: what happens? they obviously can't strike a bargain. there's imminent talk of a possible shutdown. john boehner talks about maybe another extension. i've been there, seen that. where are we going with this? >> we have to change politics and that requires the senate elections in 2014 and the presidential election in 2016 and that's what we really have to wait for. there's no -- >> neil: wait. wait. you're one of the smartest economists of the last century, laffer, is saying the best we can hope for is maybe a 2016 turn-around in the white house followed by a 20-14 turn-around in the senate, and we're piling up maybe a trillion and a half more bucks in debt. >> you should have obama on here and get him to change his mind. >> neil: i would not hold -- >> i hope john boehner does
1:27 pm
exact some spending cuts by the way, coming into this debate on the debt ceiling. that what he knees to -- northeasts to do. it's crazy what they're doing but they don't stop. >> neil: that's right. we're going to still be showing you this debt clock because we think you should know that amid all the noise going on. that thing is spinning around. art, thank you. >> one thing you may ask one of the democratic congressmen that went on, how many zeros in a trillion? they can't even tell you how many zeros there are. >> neil: one potato, two opotato. i'm working on that. thank you very much. what spending problem? just we're not getting enough taxes problem. who knew? >> we're not broke. there's plenty of money. its just the government doesn't have it. the government has a right to govern, and the people of the
1:28 pm
united states have the right to run the programs of the united states. >> neil: robin hood lives? let's ask monica who says beware men in tights. and christian warns politicians -- monica, you're saying this is an argument we heard before. what surprising is we're hearing it again. >> shouldn't be surprising we're hear this from him. this is his philosophy -- >> neil: it's always a -- not a spending problem. >> never trade to disguisse it. >> neil: he wears the robin hood getup. >> these are the folks now running the u.s. government from the president and certainly the democrats in the house and democrats that control the senate. they believe this. this is the far left philosophy, it's not your money, it's not your hard-earned money. that money should month to the government and the elites who run the government know better than you how to pend your
1:29 pm
hard-earned money. so the government isn't broke. just the projects funds sitting out there. the government should be confiscating more of that to fun the ever-growing federal government. >> even this must make you wont to vomit. >> listen, we're taking a small quote and putting much more into it than essential fact. >> neil: i could play the press are for you. >> let me tell you his point. we're collecting tacks at near historic lows. in fact farlow are than in the 1980s, period where a lot of people would like to return taxation to. so, what we have here is a problem where our revenues are not keeping track with the programs we said we want to have -- >> neil: he left out -- 'er a very smart guy but we left out of that. the adjusted down tax cuts. we're back close to those levels and he is actually trying to
1:30 pm
fine more creative ways beyond just taxing the rich to tax bond trades and real estate. looking for a number of creative ways to go after more folk to get more money, and without once considering raining in the spending itself. doesn't that trouble you? >> he wants to come up with ways to pay for it. a a lot more honest -- >> neil: cut back on spending. >> they never cut back on the spending. >> neil: that doesn't mean you give up on it. let's find a way to afford it by increasing tacks giant if you want the kind of growth that christian is talking about, the democrats claim they want, and you want get to more revenues flowing flowing into the treasurery to pay for these social welfare programs what should should -- be doing is cutting taxes, not
1:31 pm
growing taxes. everytime we have seen corporate taxes cut, you see a boom in economic growth, whether it was jfk, bill clinton wit the corporate tax rate, ronald reagan across the board. marginal income tax rates cut, every single time you see that happen you see economic growth explode -- >> neil: well, maybe, christian, even this president sees that when he throws out there the possibility of a big corporate tax cut. >> well, monica, with the exception of the 2001's, that completely blows the whole idea out of the water. ellison -- >> neil: were facing a slow down, do have been a lot woes had it not been for the cuts. in retroeffect. >> let's talk about ellison. he is being honest. saying if we're going to spend what we're spending we ought to find ways to pay for it more responsibly and he has identified ways -- >> neil: just get more taxes. get more taxes. you're right, being very honest about it. we're not going to cut spending. might as well find a way to pay
1:32 pm
for this. guys, -- >> we shouldn't be spending what we are spending. >> her name is nancy, not that nancy. this nancy. the republican. ♪
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1:36 pm
had it with business as usual republicans so is challenging one of the senate's biggest republicans. the first woman to graduate from the citadel. giving lindsey hell. we did reach out to senator graham who is traveling so hopefully he will soon be here himself, but going upstream to challenge the mainstream, you're not the first obviously. this is a big trend now among a does republicans who are facing in one way shape or form intraparty challenges. what's going on here? >> well, thank you, neil, for having me on your program this afternoon. this weekend i made the announcement i would run for the united states senate in series and my home town, and i was honored do it there. the decision to run for the united states senate is a big one. it's serious business. but what i have done over the last couple of weeks and months is talk to people across south carolina. and i've heard from people around the country.
1:37 pm
about their frustrations. and what i'm hearing from people right now is that they believe washington is out of touch with everyday americans. and they believe that washington, the elitists in d.c., think they know better than the people. and so i haven't lost hope and i don't think south carolinians have, either. and what i have told folks is that the only way to change washington is to change who you send to washington. >> neil: let me ask you then. in your role as the first woman graduate of the citadel, your father brigadier general. two brothers west point graduates. you're as pure military and as heroic in that term as any republican. certainly any democrat. now, lindsey graham is saying these latest threats to our embassies vindicate the type of programs we have at the national security agency and elsewhere to go are bad guys.
1:38 pm
do you agree with that? >> well, i obviously -- i'm not privy to all of the intelligence about what is happening overseas right now. but a couple of things. first off, as american interests and americans are at threat right now, then we should be doing everything we can could protect our interests and americans, whether it's here at home or overseas. >> neil: does that mean the surveillance programs as well that helped track down those threats? >> well, i haven't heard yet necessarily that the nsa program intercepted the threat we're hearing today. i don't have that intelligence briefing. what i can tell you is that the entire delegation in south carolina voted to respect individual liberty when push came to shove last week. >> neil: do you think that republicans have a real internal struggle on their hands? and all of these challenges indicate frustration with either
1:39 pm
rhinos or whatever you want to call them and it could actually hurt the party in the mode -- mid-term elections and what would otherwise be republican gains, say in the senate, turns into opportunities missed. >> not a matter of if it will hurt the party. it already has. we lost in 2012 and some would say we lost because our nominee was too conservative. i would argue we lost because we were not conservative enough and we fractured our party, and what we have to do is republicans come together. every corner of the republican party needs to come together and the one unifying factor i think we all share is the constitution. >> neil: do you -- rand paul was was here last week. he differed with the likes of chris christie, and there's a limit to how much you can use 9/11 or protecting americans' lives under the guise of trammelling on their privacy. where do you stand on that? >> well, i would agree with that
1:40 pm
sentiment, as did the rest of the south carolina delegation last week when they voted on it. i mean, i don't know that you can secure our country hundred% of -- 100% of the time. one of the things ronald reagan said as president is that freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. you must fight for it, you must defend and it you must protect it by any means necessary. >> neil: all right. that could be interpreted both ways. the christie way, the rand paul way. >> absolutely both ways. but we have to be able to secure our country and also protect our liberties. >> neil: we'll be hearing a lot more from you. senator graham when he returns-we'd love to hear from you. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me on. >> neil: alex, what is awkward for 200 in when o'jeopardy" jeopardizes a franchise throwing -- look at this cute little guy -- to the curb. >> me misspelled it badly.
1:41 pm
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test. >> let's go to thomas. he had 9,600. he wrote down, what is the emancipation -- well, because he misspelled it badly, eman's -- you put a p in there proclamation, that's unfortunate. the judges are ruling against you. >> neil: all right. hey, alec trebek, bring the kid back. blogs going nuts after "jeopardy" gives him the heave-ho. he got the final jeopardy question about the emancipation proclamation but he spelled emancipation wrong. apparently horribly wrong, so he was shown the door. now it's "jeopardy" feeling the heat for giving the kid a hook for something adults on he show have sometimes been given a
1:45 pm
pass. what is p.r. nightmare for 500, alex? what do you think? >> i think he misspelled it. i think it's frustrating if think it's disappointing. but if he misspelled it and the rule was that he wasn't supposed to win unless he spelled i right -- >> neil: is it understood that's the rule? >> it's my understanding alex trebek has given other people a pass when they spilled something wrong. >> alex clearly hates kids. >> and was off when he said he misspelled it badly. this was only one letter. >> neil: show it again on the board. put a t in there, like he was writing it down fast. >> i think it was that crunch for time, and he was, like you said, doing it fast, and -- >> neil: your being the unforgiving perfectist mom you are, you're not cutting him any slack. >> i have a 12-year-old also and i vividly remember coming home
1:46 pm
last year, we had a test, and his science teacher -- it was like off by two points and she took off two points for spell incorrectly. he said, this isn't fairway this isn't english. >> neil: what what wrong? >> he spelled something wrong. and it wasn't supposed to be you get point us off for spell and he was right and as a mom, my heart broke for him. wanted the a but didn't get it. >> neil: now you're saying as a mom whose son was burped, all son -- >> i think it's a life lesson. >> neil: "jeopardy" reminds us of the spelling policy. responses are not judged for spelling but must be phonetically correct and that means this was not close to be phonetically correct. >> this is giving me a huge flashback to wow where the the world is carman san diego." >> neil: what's your story?
1:47 pm
>> i didn't enough so two of my classmates advanced, but i didn't bet enough and to this day i was horrified and if it was posted on the internet, i wouldn't know what i would dollar. >> neil: i was in a beanbag competition and a girl in my class lofted it at my head. the bottom line, it's a game though kid did very well, won a lot of money. what's the lesson? >> the lesson is, he did succeed. got on "jeopardy." a smart kid. he knows how to spell. >> neil: the show was going to away in september. >> it already aired. >> neil: they shut down to consult about how they would handle it. >> the judges are ruling that he -- so, the lesson is, he got on "jeopardy." it was awesome. misspelled it. will never forget it. he'll tell his kids the story. >> if think "jeopardy" should
1:48 pm
remove negative comments on their facebook page. i it was offensive. >> it's a positive thing. he made a mistake. >> neil: it could be worse. he could be alex trebek right now. we're just getting a statement from alex rodriguez. in the richest player in baseball who has now been banned. regarding his suspension. i'm disappointed with the penalty and intend to appeal and fight this. i'm eager to get back on the field and be with me teammates in chicago elm wasn't to thank my family, friends and fans who intoed by me. the major league baseball players association out on this regarding the suspensions. keep in mind, rodriguez was the big name here but they nabbed 11 others. the accepted suspensions announced are consistent with the punishment set forthin the joint drug aagreement and were arrived after after negotiations between the players and their representatives. for alex rodriguez we agree with his decision to appeal his
1:49 pm
suspension, and then they misspelled suspension. kidding. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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well, first the latest. the first lawsuit filed against southwest for the landing gone wrong that could have been worse. a female passenger is suing for how she was treated during the evacuation process, when they have to go down the chute. she said there was no one on the other side, banged herself up badly. the attorney says she had the case. tamera holder says she does not. we called southwest, they won't comment on pending litigation. why doesn't she have a case? >> regardless of possible pilot negligence, according to
1:53 pm
investigation, they say he didn't land the plane properly, there's still a possibility there's some kind of product malfunction here and product liability which is a strict liability type situation. was it the slide manufacturer's fault they didn't plan for or intend for these kinds of foreseeable consequences, that she flew off too fast, or is it possibly the airport's fault they didn't have the proper emergency crew there. neil, i found drink coupons. southwest gives you these, drink coupons. i think they should retain me to settle this. give passengers drink coupons, everybody will be happy. >> an enlightening way to handle it. given the fact that nine or ten others were injured, i don't know coming down the chute, that this woman has a case, whether the pilot was screwing up something or not, there's a procedure in these type of events and the procedure was screwed up? >> most certainly was. those coupons aren't going to
1:54 pm
cut it. they have a duty to handle the whole situation properly. the entire landing and aftermath completely went awry. as was stated, the investigation shows it went down on the nose of the plane. >> did everyone come out alive? >> yes. >> end of story. everyone came out alive. there have been injuries. people were hurt during the crash. >> no one was killed. people were hurt. disorganized reaction. >> people were hurt, apparently it is the only lawsuit filed thus far. i am not defending the behavior of the southwest pilot by any means. >> why does that make a difference, whether it is the pilot or not. the bottom line, for whatever reason, they had a rough landing and then it was after that landing in the escape -- >> right. but her claim is it was part of the slide, she flew off too fast, nobody was there to catch her, injuries were a result of the slide. >> do they have to have someone to catch you?
1:55 pm
>> when they have a crash landing and emergency evacuation for passengers off the plane, there are certain rules. >> i feel sorry. same thing happened on a plane, someone has to catch me, that's where you have grounds to sue. seems specious to me. better late than never? in this case, i'm not so sure.
1:56 pm
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better late than never, but this whole worldwide security alert is about avoiding another benghazi. incoming security adviser susan rice, we are told trying to prevent another benghazi without saying she's trying to prevent another benghazi. it is remarkable. back then, miss rice tagged the riots to protests over an anti-islam film. we learned that the administration confirmed there was no such protest, but there
1:59 pm
was chatter, the same chatter miss rice is acting on now. we won't know what she knew then. acting out of abundance and caution she and the administration are trying to prevent, shuttling embassies in the middle east, it started with al qaeda led prison breaks that freed hundreds of al qaeda operatives in the region. who knows. this much we know. same al qaeda dismissed beaten and on the run a year ago, alive and well, shutting our embassies down in abundance of caution now. a year late, four lives short now. all right. we're getting news of a stunning development in the corporate world, media world. "the washington post" has agreed to sell its flagship newspaper to founder chief executive jeff bezos, on the
2:00 pm
heels of newsweek being sold and "the new york times" unloading boston globe after taking a 96% hit. jeff bezos is now the owner of "the washington post." we are all over it on fbn tonight. we're starting. hello, everyone, i am greg gutfeld, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, jessie waters, and she naps on the sun deck of her barbie dream house, dana perino. it is 5:00 in new york city. we're open for business! 20 embassies across the globe are closed this weekend due to terror chatter. not really across the globe, in certain parts of the globe. let me put it this way, if you're in a place christians are welcome, you're okay. so they're closed for fear of attack, which makes me wonder what movie is


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